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Staten Island, NY

Due to high demand, we can not accommodate private rooms unless you purchase more than 90% of the room during our peak hours. Thank you.

The Diamond Mine

Diamond Mine Escape Room

Your journey immerses you deep below ground into an old abandon diamond mine. There you must find the lost diamond treasure and make it to the surface before your oxygen runs out. Can you make it out in under 60 minutes? Your life may just depend on it.

The Bank Heist

Bank heist escape room

You have joined a notorious crime syndicate and your mob boss has a job for you to prove your worth, rob The Staten Island  Bank. You only have 60 minutes to acquire as much cash as you can from the bank vault before the cops arrive! Can you escape?  More importantly, how much loot can you get first?

The Detective's Office

The detective's escape room

The great detective Sherlock was working on solving the crime of the century before he went missing. You must take over his investigation and figure out the clues and puzzles left behind in order to find Sherlock and crack this case. You only have 60 minutes to complete your mission. Do you have what it takes to be a super sleuth?

Mission: Space

Lost in space room/ Mission:Space
Something malfunctioned and your space ship went way off course! Now barreling through space without any sort of power, you and your team must find a way to power up your ship and get back to charted territory before things start to get worse! You only have 60 minutes to get the power on and return home or you will run out of oxygen. Can you get home?
Please note there are flashing lights in the Mission:Space room. If you have a condition that is sensitive to lights please ask staff before booking.