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Time Travel room

Many many years ago, the deed to the Thyme Manor burned up in a great fire.  Ever since the fire, adventurer, Rosemary Thyme, has been trying to find a way to go back in time to retrieve the deed.  However, once Rosemary discovered the secrets of time travel, she disappeared and has never returned.  Her last known descendant, Dill Dukah, very much wants to complete Rosemary’s collection by retrieving the deed, but he is not brave enough to embark on the grand adventure through time.  This is where you come in.  Are you brave enough to go through the time portal and find the deed?

The Notorious Speakeasy

Speakeasy Escape room

It’s 1920, the year the U.S. officially became a “dry” country outlawing the sale of all liquor. The mafia turned this into an opportunity to make a killing, The city has been taken over by the powerful crime boss, Maximilian Malone, who has built a network of speakeasies on almost every street corner. You are a group of Treasury Agents. As the most trusted officers in the bureau you have been given the assignment to go undercover as bar employees. You’ll have one hour inside the most notorious speakeasy in town, The Blind Tiger. You must find the crime lord’s ledger book – the biggest piece of evidence necessary to build a case to take down Malone and his entire organization.

The Robbery Job

The Robbery Escape Room

You are professional thieves, the best in the country.  You were recently contacted by two employees of Big Al’s Pawn Shop who told you of an opportunity to make millions.  According to them, Big Al just got in a pocket watch worth a lot of money.  They hired you to sneak into the Pawn Shop to steal the pocket watch.  They can’t do it themselves because they are too well known.  You’ll have 60 minutes before the silent alarms are activated and the cops come!

The Cabin trip

The Cabin Escape room

You won a trip to the cabin of the most famous fisherman in the world.  His name is The Shadow.  Halfway through your stay, you find out that a devastating snow storm is due to hit the area in an hour.  You go to leave and you find the door locked.  Suddenly the television turns on and you get a message from The Shadow himself.  He tells you that he won’t let you leave unless you find his prized catch.  You only have an hour to do so before the big snow storm hits and strands you in the cabin for weeks!

The Secret Society

Secret Society Escape Room

You’re in the final stages of induction into The Order of the Pen and Brush, an ancient secret society of artists dedicated to securing the mysteries of beauty and composition.  You have one final task.  You have 60 minutes to find the society’s sacred doctrine hidden somewhere in the Penbrush Museum of Modern Art or be ostracized from the art community forever!