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Princeton, NJ

Rooms available at this location
(Due to high demand, we can not accommodate private rooms unless you purchase more than 90% of the room during our peak hours. Thank you.)

The Dorm Room

Thrust yourself into college campus life. Whether you are a nerd, jock or burnout, find the clues and solve the tricks to escape the room and graduate Valedictorian. It’s just as fun as college for a fraction of the cost. Fun for all ages!


It’s 1920, the year the U.S. officially became a “dry” country outlawing the sale of all liquor. The mafia turned this into an opportunity to make a killing, The city has been taken over by the powerful crime boss, Maximilian Malone, who has built a network of speakeasies on almost every street corner. You are a group of Treasury Agents. As the most trusted officers in the bureau you have been given the assignment to go undercover as bar employees. You’ll have one hour inside the most notorious speakeasy in town, The Blind Tiger. You must find the crime lord’s ledger book – the biggest piece of evidence necessary to build a case to take down Malone and his entire organization.

The Robbery

To make some extra money, you decided to sell your recently deceased grandfathers pocket watch to your uncle Al’s pawn shop. Unfortunately, the pocket watch is cursed! So you’ll have to steal it from the pawn shop or your grandfathers spirit will never be able to rest! You have 60 minutes before the silent alarms are activated and the cops come!

The Cabin

You are stranded in a cabin. Your objective is to find your way through the woods to get to a great treasure . The locals tell of a priceless item that was placed there many years ago. With each terrain you cross your path gets harder and more dangerous. The rewards waiting for you outweigh the perils you will endure. Will you find the treasure in 60 minutes and be rich beyond your wildest dreams or will you be another statistic of the many generations of treasure hunters who failed to complete the mission?

The Time Travel Room

Step through a wormhole and travel through time in a fun and exciting way. Solve the many tricks and puzzles as you experience the passage of time and relive the fun decades from way back when. At least you won’t have to travel 88 miles per hour in a DeLorean to do so.