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Princeton, New Jersey


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The Knight's Quest


Difficulty: Intermediate
You and your team are Knights of the Kings Court; sworn protectors of the throne and all the people of Thornwood. The wizard Belgrath was the King’s royal advisor for many years until it was discovered he was planning to overthrow the crown with his evil magic! The King has sent you on a quest to stop the mad wizard and bring peace to Thornwood and the throne! RC up to 10. Dim Lighting. Appropriate for all ages.
There is 1 chair in this room

The Notorious Speakeasy

Speakeasy Escape room

Difficulty: Intermediate
It’s 1920, the year the U.S. officially became a “dry” country outlawing the sale of all liquor. The mafia turned this into an opportunity to make a killing. The city has been taken over by the powerful crime boss, Maximilian Malone, who has built a network of speakeasies on almost every street corner. You are a group of undercover police officers. As the most trusted officers in the bureau you have been given the assignment to go undercover as bar employees. You’ll have one hour inside the most notorious speakeasy in town, The Blind Tiger. You must find the crime lord’s ledger book – the biggest piece of evidence necessary to build a case to take down Malone and his entire organization. RC Up to 12. Dim lighting. The room is themed as an underground 1920s bar, so there are some empty liquor bottles on display. Otherwise, it is appropriate for all ages.
There are 3 chairs in this room.

Pawn Shop Robber

The Robbery Escape Room

Difficult: Beginner
You are professional thieves, the best in the country. You were recently contacted by two ex-employees of Big Al’s Pawn Shop who told you of an opportunity to make millions. According to them, Big Al just acquired a pocket watch that is worth a lot of money. They hired you to sneak into the Pawn Shop to steal the pocket watch. They’ve hacked the security system and disabled the alarms, but only for a short time. You’ll have 60 minutes before the silent alarms are re-activate and the cops come! RC up to 10. This room is dark. There is nothing scary inside, but you will be provided a flashlight to navigate the room. Appropriate for all ages.
There are 3 chairs in this room.

The Great Train Heist

Train Escape Room

Difficulty: Beginner
The year is 1880 and you’re in the height of the Railroad Boom. The big tycoon and well known snake oil salesman, Thaddeus “Doc” Kilmer, has just come through your small town promising everyone vast riches and the cure to all their woes. Doc is a real swindler. Through smooth talking and a little sleight of hand, he has scammed everyone in town out of their gold. Tonight, he plans to sneak out of town on his personal train right after the big poker game at the Phoenix Saloon. You have 60 minutes to break into Kilmer’s train and save the town by taking back the gold. RC up to 6. Great for smaller groups of 2-6. Appropriate for all ages.
There is 1 chair in this room.

The Secret Society

Secret Society Escape Room

Difficulty: Advanced
The room is themed as an art museum and contains the lithograph “Salon des Cent (1896)” by Alphonse Mucha, which contains minor nudity. Otherwise, this room is appropriate for all ages.
There is a bench that can seat 2 people in the room RC up to 10