Escape room in Freehold New Jersey


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Freehold, New Jersey


**See Booking Page For Monday Booking Availability During Holidays**


The Wizard's Apprentice

The Wizard Escape room

The Wizard’s ailment took a turn for the worst! As his apprentices, only you have the skills and know-how to find the cure. But beware! His workshop has been set with traps and tricks to protect it from those who would use his powers for evil. Have you been taught enough by the Wizard to surpass his spells and find the cure-all? Or is it too little, too late for the Wizard? You only have 60 minutes before the curse takes him over!

Space For Rent

Welcome to the Freehold Apartment Complex! We are currently showing a room with tons of space available. There is just one catch. The current tenant is a little out of this world and very unwilling to leave. If you want to snag this Amazing Room, you must send him home! This listing is only available for the next hour. If he isn’t out by then, your search for the perfect room will continue elsewhere.

The Jungle Escape

Jungle Escape room

You find yourself warped to a strange world. In the midst of a jungle, things work a bit strangely here, as if you’re just pieces in a giant board game. Mysteries and intrigues are around every corner. Get ready to roll the dice and think quickly to get through this ordeal to make it back to your own world! But hurry, if you don’t make it out when 60 minutes are over, you might end up stuck in the Jungle!

The Great Train Heist

Train Escape Room
The year is 1865 and you’re in the height of the Railroad Boom. The big tycoon and well known snake oil salesman, Thomas “Doc” Durant, has just come through your small town promising everyone vast riches and the cure to all their woes.
Doc is a real swindler and has secretly robbed the town’s bank, leaving everyone penniless. Tonight, he plans to sneak out of town on his personal train right after the big poker game at the Phoenix Saloon. You have 60 minutes to break into Durant’s train and save the town by taking back the cash.

The Wild West

Wild West Escape room

Step on through the swingin’ doors and transport yerselves back to the late 1800’s town of Santa Fe. The American frontier held much promise for those who could make their way to the other side of the Mississippi. Survival of the fittest is the law of the land in these here parts. But something feels off in the Old West. Figure out what ain’t right and skedaddle before time runs out. Ready those quick reflexes and that sharp wit, ’cause this duel at high noon ain’t yer normal showdown.

Comic Shop

It’s your first day on the job in our new comic shop and you’ve already been assigned a very important task. There’s this comic book villain named Professor Prolix. The thing about him is that his power allows him to escape his comic and enter our world. Him, being a super villain, we can’t have this. You need to figure out a way to infiltrate his lair, there, you must change the words in his story to take him down! Be quick about it, for his power grows over time and will be impossible to overcome after 60 minutes.