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Bloomfield, NJ

Due to high demand, we can not accommodate private rooms unless you purchase more than 90% of the room during our peak hours. Thank you.

Down The Rabbit Hole

Rabbit hole

You knew better than to chase that rabbit! When it darted around a tree with you right on it’s heels it darted down a hole, following as fast as you can you dove in. Something was strange though, this was no normal rabbit hole, when you finally reached the bottom there was no rabbit to be found and even worse, you’re stuck.

Search for the Grail

Grail room

A Lifetime of research and you’ve finally narrowed it down! The Grail must be here! You’re no fool though, you know it won’t be easy to find and there’s sure to be traps afoot! None have made it out before, will you be the first?

Gold Rush

gold Rush Room

Step on through the swingin’ doors and transport yerselves back to the late 1800’s. You and your cohorts have spent some time in the saloon having come up with a plan to get as much gold as you can carry outta that there bank next door. Pryin ears might have heard about a secret passage between the saloon and that locked up bank. Hiding yerselves away till the place closes, yall have just one hour till the owner comes back; get to quick thinkin how to get yer hands on that gold next door while avoiding those traps set up to stop yall.

Lost in Space

Lost in space room/ Mission:Space

Something malfunctioned and your ship went way off course! Now barreling through space without any sort of guidance you must find a way back to charted territory before things start to get worse! Your life and your fellow astronauts depend on it.

Axe Throwing & Escape Room Combo With Bury The Hatchet

Axe opening a door

Enjoy 1 hour in an Amazing Escape Room and 1 hour of Axe Throwing at Bury The Hatchet! Come join us for our limited time experience!  Enjoy 1 hour at one of the highest rated Escape Room experiences in America. Then enjoy 1 hour of Axe Throwing at Bury The Hatchet.