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Montclair/Bloomfield, NJ

Monday-Thursday 12pm-11pm

Friday-Sunday 10am-11pm


Witches Revenge

You and your friends are sneaking through the woods and you happen upon an old Cabin. Should you go in….who lives there or who “inhabits the cabin” You will have until sunrise to discover the secret of The Cabin of the Witch.

Good for all ages just might be a little scary…..



Your day trip around this beautiful tropical paradise has just been interrupted by an incoming storm. Your tour boat was tossed side to side and broken into hundreds of pieces. You and your friends wash up on the shore of an abandoned island with a small shack on it. The storm seems to be getting worse and the water on the island is rising fast, at this rate you’ll only have an hour to figure out how to save yourself before the storm eats you alive.

Search for the Grail

Grail room

A Lifetime of research and you’ve finally narrowed it down! The Grail must be here! You’re no fool though, you know it won’t be easy to find and there’s sure to be traps afoot! None have made it out before, will you be the first?

Gold Rush

gold Rush Room

Step on through the swingin’ doors and transport yerselves back to the late 1800’s. You and your cohorts have spent some time in the saloon having come up with a plan to get as much gold as you can carry outta that there bank next door. Pryin ears might have heard about a secret passage between the saloon and that locked up bank. Hiding yerselves away till the place closes, yall have just one hour till the owner comes back; get to quick thinkin how to get yer hands on that gold next door while avoiding those traps set up to stop yall.

Lost in Space

Lost in space room/ Mission:Space

Something malfunctioned and your ship went way off course! Now barreling through space without any sort of guidance you must find a way back to charted territory before things start to get worse! Your life and your fellow astronauts depend on it.

The Locker Room Trailer

One of the players on the Polar Bears Basketball Team is leaking vital information to their biggest rivals, the Red Dragons. With the playoffs next week, you have been hired by the Athletic Director to sneak into the locker room and find evidence of who the traitor is so they can be removed from the team. You only have 1 hour to do so before the game ends. Can you do it?