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Greenbrook, New Jersey

Monday-Thursday 12pm-11pm

Friday-Sunday 10am-11pm


Prison Break

Sentenced to a lifetime behind bars, you and your fellow inmates are one step away from being transferred to maximum security from Neufeld Prision. With the nudge of a corrupt guard, a final chance of freedom from your sentence presents itself. The Warden has been preoccupied with a large riot in the adjacent cell block, which leaves you unattended for at least an hour as they straighten out the other prisoners. In that time, you might find yourself with the tools required to make your escape. With a glimmer of hope, and a solid plan, can you break free?

The Bank Heist

Bank heist escape room

You have joined a notorious crime syndicate and your mob boss has a job for you to prove your worth, rob The Staten Island Bank. You only have 60 minutes to acquire as much cash as you can from the bank vault before the cops arrive! Can you escape? More importantly, how much loot can you get first?

The Pirate Ship

Avast, Mateys! The infamous pirate captain, David S. Calabaza, thinks that you and your fellow crew members have stolen his gold and he has thrown you all in the hold. Now you must secretly find where the actual thief has hidden the gold and return it to Captain Calabaza before he has you thrown overboard into the briny deep. But be quick, Captain Calabaza will return in 60 minutes, and you could end up in Davy Jones’ Locker!

The Illusionist

Magician Escape room

The Mysterious Malini is one of the greatest magicians of his time. You and your group of aspiring magicians were supposed to be attending The Mysterious Malini’s latest performance but you stumbled into his private parlor and discovered that he is a murderer. He has locked you in the parlor and you now have only 60 min’s until the performance ends and he returns to make you vanish forever.

Murder She Wrote (Castle)

Spooky Castle Escape Room

We’ve asked you guys to meet here today because We heard you’re some of the best private investigators there are. The family that used to reside in this manor for hundreds of years recently fled the property and claimed it was cursed. Since We didn’t believe in that sort of thing We bought it from them for next to nothing. Turns out, they were telling the truth. We need you to find a way to connect with the dead and lift the curse on this property so We can sell it, if you do your job well, you guys will get a cut of the profit.

Disclaimer: This room is in the dark and does have some darker themes. We highly recommend this room for those 15 and older. Children between the ages of 12-14 can do the room but MUST be accompanied by an adult.