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Montgomeryville, PA

Monday-Thursday 12pm-11pm

Friday-Sunday 10am-11pm


Welcome to Amazing Escape Room Montgomeryville, PA! Select one of our amazing rooms below and get ready for some fun! Contact us for more information.

Lab (Formerly Quarantine)

There has been a pandemic outbreak of Apocu-enza, a horrible virus that spreads quickly and is always fatal. Luckily, you work in the lab where a scientist has created the only known cure. Unfortunately, the scientist that created the cure has recently contracted the virus but has hidden the formula in the lab. You and your fellow survivors have 60 minutes to acquire the antidote before the virus infects you.
***Two identical rooms great for a competition, or parties, of over 10

Da Vinci's Office

As an aspiring inventor, working with Da Vinci would be a career-defining accomplishment. In the first step to an apprenticeship, DaVinci has devised a test for you to complete. He will allow you into his private office where you will have one hour to work through the puzzles he has left for you and let yourself out.


The year is 2222. You are the essential crew members of the AERSA Zenith that just survived an alien attack. Your spaceship is badly damaged and only has 60 minutes of power left! You’ll need to quickly make some adjustments and activate your warp drive in order to return home safely. Do you have what it takes to save your crew?

Lost Teddy

You are the babysitter for little Georgie. Just before bedtime, Georgie told you that they can’t find their favorite teddy and that they can’t fall asleep without it. You need to find Georgie’s teddy so you can get them to fall asleep before their parents come home in a half hour!
***Room is good for ages 8-12 and is 30 minutes long.

The Candy Shop

Your Grandfather’s Candy Shop has won numerous awards for crafting the most wonderful chocolate in the world. As his favorite grandchild, you must secure your place as the next owner by proving you are as crafty, cunning, and as smart as he is. He has hidden his secret recipe in the shop and devised various puzzles and clues to help lead you to the coveted recipe.

Santa's Workshop

Oh no! You found out Santa has added your name to his Naughty List. You need to get your hands on that list before it’s too late. You’ve made your way to the North Pole and snuck into Santa’s workshop while the elves are on their daily cookies and milk break. You have 60 minutes to find the list and escape before the elves come back.Can you make it through Santa’s workshop to find The List before Christmas is ruined?