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Abigail's Playroom

7 year old Abigail Pierson, daughter of puzzle master Frederic Pierson and games enthusiast Lorita Pierson, has gone missing. The private investigator hired by the Pierson’s butler, Richard, has gone missing as well. According to Richard, the only people in contact with Abigail the week she went missing were himself, her father, her mother, and her nanny, Julia. Richard is convinced that one of them knows what happened and was vital to Abigail’s disappearance. He has hired you to enter into Abigail’s Playroom, which is one of Frederic’s greatest puzzles ever, to find out what happened to her and who is responsible for her vanishment.

Pierson's Mansion

Frederic Pierson is one of the greatest puzzle masters in the world, but he isn’t the only puzzle master who lives in the Pierson Estate. His butler, Richard, has been watching him closely and has become quite the puzzle master himself. With the recent discovery of what happened to Abigail, Frederic’s daughter, you and your team of private investigators, have decided to delve further into the Pierson’s great mansion to see what other secrets Frederic, his wife Lorita, the butler Richard, and nanny Julia hide within these walls.

The Cabin (COMING SOON!)