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Philadelphia, PA

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The Art Gallery

Art Gallery Escape Room

You get locked in the  Art Gallery after closing by accident, while looking for a way out you uncover a dangerous secret. Now you have to search through all the exquisite art pieces and find your way out before you’re caught. Are you up to it! 10 Player Maximum.

Case Closed Philadelphia

Case Closed Escape Room

Your friend, a highly ranked secret Agent has crossed international boundaries and stumbled upon a Classified Document that could change the world! Disappearing to an unknown location, he’s contacted all of you to help retrieve the document and escape from the house where the document is hidden, before it’s raided by the government! 10 player Maximum.

1970's Mojo Room

The Mojo escape room

Do you have the Mojo to make it out of this 1970’s themed room? Take a little trip to the time of rubix cube, flower print and disco. See if you can escape without getting a psychedelic headache. This is a great fun challenge for any team. Six player maximum.