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Montclair, New Jersey

Rooms available at this location

Experience the most technologically advanced of all Amazing Escape Rooms in this area. Bring your team (family, friends, co-workers) and work together in a fun, exciting atmosphere!

Due to high demand, we can not accommodate private rooms unless you purchase more than 90% of the room during our peak hours. Thank you.

Crusader's Alley

Crusader\s alley Escape room

You wake up in a strange alley. Your only memory of the night before is that an evil villain has kidnapped your favorite Superhero. Your mission now is to follow the clues left behind by the Superhero while dodging the baits and traps, in order to save them before it’s too late!  Do you have what it takes to be a Mastermind and solve this mission before your 60 minutes is up?

Escape The Forest

The Forest Escape Room

You are stranded in a secluded cabin in the woods. The village locals tell of a priceless treasure that was buried in the woods many years ago.  Your objective is to find your way through the dense woods to unearth this great treasure! With each terrain you cross, your path gets harder and more dangerous. The rewards waiting for you outweigh the perils you will endure. Will you find the treasure in 60 minutes and be rich beyond your wildest dreams or will you be another statistic of the many generations of treasure hunters who failed to complete the mission?

The Lost Record

Recording studio escape room

Rumor has it your all-time favorite band has a lost record that no one has ever heard before. It’s stored somewhere in the music studio.  Come play with us, and solve the mystery of their long lost music and find it in record time! With your help, it could even top the charts!

Case Closed Montclair

Case Closed Escape Room

Your friend, a highly ranked secret Agent has crossed international boundaries and stumbled upon a Classified Document that could change the world! Disappearing to an unknown location, he’s contacted all of you to help retrieve the document and escape from the house where the document is hidden, before it’s raided by the government!