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Los Angeles, CA (Northridge)

Rooms available at this location

Secret Agent Room

Difficulty: Very Challenging    Escape Rate: 19%

The destruction of the United States Embassy in the Capital of Blastnya has caused worldwide panic. The Blastnya security forces have learned the identity of 10 CIA agents undercover in the country. It is predicted that the insane leader of the fringe country of Blastnya may use this as an excuse to go to war. It is up to your elite secret agent task force to infiltrate the Blastnya Security and Intelligence headquarters, remove the identifications of the undercover CIA agents and escape in one hour. Your team better work quick, world peace is on the line and the Blastnya prison is the last place on earth you want to go…

One hour, Many double-agents, One Mission.

Roaring 20's

Difficulty: Challenging    Escape Rate: 25%

The night is young, the town is alive, and you and your friends are dolled up in your glad rags, just itching’ for a good time. As the prohibition of the 1920’s is in full swing, you take to the secretive speakeasy located under a quiet apartment building to get your juice fix. Unfortunately, the gunshots outside mean trouble, and the police are now on their way. Your instincts tell you to run into the boss’s office, but you soon realize that this mobster-boss has the place rigged. It’s only a matter of time until you’re in handcuffs!

Escape the X Corporation

Difficulty: Challenging    Escape Rate: 28%

You thought volunteering to be part of an experimental program with the mysterious X Corporation would be a fun idea. All you had to do was try their experimental drug X7 and you would be handsomely paid for your time!

What’s the worst that could happen?

Well something has gone horribly wrong. You have woken up in a bizarre room with a group of strangers. None of you have any idea what is happening or how you became trapped in the strange room, but the door is locked, a timer is counting down from one hour and signs tell you to “continue the test.”

Escape the terrible experiment of the evil X Corporation before it is too late!

The Starlight Lounge

Difficulty: Moderate    Escape Rate: 35%

It’s 1976 and the LAPD has asked you to help Officer Habersham build evidence for a case against notorious crime boss Jerry Ash. There’s only one hour until he boards a plane to South America where he’ll be out of reach to American law enforcement. You are headed into the back area of Ash’s Los Angeles nightclub, The Starlight Lounge.

Can you find the missing evidence and piece together the story before it’s too late.

Mystery Of The Red Dragon

Difficulty: Challenging    Escape Rate: 24%

You are a team of Interpol Investigators hired by the Asian Art Museum to track down a priceless and ancient sculpture, The Red Dragon. It was mysteriously stolen in-route from Beijing to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. A month of following clues has lead your team to the home of a Mr.Frederick Cromwell, an esteemed rare-antiques dealer who is suspected to have made millions stealing priceless artifacts. Infiltrate Mr.Cromwell’s private residence, retrieve the stolen Red Dragon and escape undetected before he returns home in 60 minutes!