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King Of Prussia, PA

Monday-Thursday 12pm-11pm

Friday-Sunday 10am-11pm


Welcome to Amazing Escape Room King of Prussia! Select one of our amazing rooms below and get ready for some fun! Contact us for more information.

Candy World

As a huge advocate of candy, your search for the best Candy Shop ever has led you here, the Neufeld Candy Emporium, where Mr. Sizz holds his most prized possession, his bouncy ball machine. Make your way inside and enjoy every kid’s candy dreams. Be diligent though, you’ve only been gifted an hour to prove yourself worthy of the magical bouncy ball, or else you lose your chance to take one as your prize
We would like to add that this game involves a lot of color-based games and objectives.

The Pirate Ship

King Of Prussia

**Room is dimly lit**
Avast, Mateys! The infamous pirate captain, David S. Calabaza, thinks that you and your fellow crew members have stolen his gold and he has thrown you all in the hold. Now you must secretly find your way out of the cells and locate the treasure before Captain Calabaza has you thrown overboard into the briny deep. But be quick, Captain Calabaza will return in 60 minutes, and you could end up in Davy Jones’ Locker!

The Submarine Ship

King Of Prussia
While visiting an old stationary Submarine, now converted into a museum, your relaxing day of sight seeing is abruptly interrupted when you notice the Submarine begin to sink! Ordinarily, a sinking Submarine isn’t an issue but this is no ordinary circumstance. You now find yourself in a life and death situation on an old boat that has been inactive for many decades. As fate would have it, the sinking boat is not your only problem! An old foe The Great Octopus is hell bent on dragging you down! Your mission is to break into the con engine room, override the system, and shock the octopus before the Submarine’s old nemesis pulls you and all others aboard the historic boat into the great abyss! Do you have what it takes to escape or will you succumb to The Great Octopus, and never been seen again?

The Illusionist

King Or Prussia

**Least difficult – Room is dimly lit**
The Mysterious Malini is one of the greatest magicians of his time. You and your group were supposed to be attending The Mysterious Malini’s latest performance to see your friend Lucy perform as his assistant, but you have instead discovered that he is a murderer! After noticing that your friend has gone missing and trying to discover the whereabouts of your friend, Malini has locked you in the parlor and you now have only 60 minutes until the performance ends and he returns and you meet the same fate as your friend!